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Jonathan's new TV role...

I've been meaning to post this for a bit - Jonathan will be guest-starring on the last four episodes of Desperate Housewives, as a police detective investigating one of the women. Eventually, he's supposed to become a series regular and love interest for Marcia Cross's Bree.

...I haven't watched DH since like the first season. I may have to start again.
Movie: Pride & Prejudice || Lizzy reads

One year Cake-iversary!

...could I have thought of a cheesier/lamer subject line for this post? Probably not. But I just flipped back a few pages and realized, WOW, it's been like a year since this community was started. ...and like three months since the last time I posted...but I've just found a bunch more J-Cake pics, so hopefully there will be more frequent posts!

Anyway. Celebrate one year of this community with some Cake... ....okay, someone needs to stop me. Now.

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Movie: Pride & Prejudice || Lizzy reads

Cake cast in "A Flea In Her Ear" at London's Old Vic

Um, hey, diana_hawthorne? looks like London gets him before NYC does again. ......clearly, we just have to go to London now, right? :P

From Playbill:

Casting Complete for A Flea In Her Ear at London's Old Vic; Jonathan Cake Joins Line-Up

The full cast has been announced for Richard Eyre's new production of Feydeau's 1907 farce A Flea in Her Ear, beginning performances Dec. 4, prior to an official opening Dec. 14, at London's Old Vic.

Joining the previously announced Tom Hollander and Lisa Dillion is a cast that also includes Jonathan Cake and Fiona Glascott.

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